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Wet Saws

ResizedSawsWet saws are designed with water pumps to aid in cooling and the cutting of the diamond blade. Wet Saws perfect for large projects when your tile cutters are not suitable.  At first glance, a wet saw looks like a table saw. A rotating diamond blade cuts the tile while a guide keeps your tile straight.

Wet saws can also cut harder tile materials. The diamond blade can cut the hardest varieties of Tile and Stone.

Skill and size are the wet saw’s main drawback. The units are typically large and take time to learn how to set them up properly.

Buying a wet saw comes down to understanding what you need. Different saws come equipped for different jobs. Always take into consideration motor H/P and size of the blade.

Old Stonemasons Ramblings: Tilers & Trade Shop are excited about their new wet saw, capable of straight cuts and mitres.

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1000mm Ghelfi Squalo Max Wetsaw

Ideal for cutting ceramics, porcelain and stone materials.

Raimondi Zoe 85A Wet Saw

The Raimondi Zoe Wet Saw is perfect for cutting granite, ...

600mm Centaur

Ideally suited for critically hard materials and Granite up ...

750mm Centaur

Ideally suited for critically hard materials and Granite up ...

Rodia 259RS

This powerful 3HP direct drive electric tilesaw is ...