Unit 14/38 Eastern Service Rd, Stapylton, Qld, 4207  |  Phone:  +61 7 3801 8805  |  Mobile:  +61 487 100 005


Unit 14/38 Eastern Service Rd, Stapylton, Qld, 4207

Phone:  +61 7 3801 8805

Mobile:  +61 487 100 005

Sealers & Cleaners

Sealers are products formulated to seal surfaces, to protect from staining, terracotta, concrete, natural stone. To make aesthetically pleasing and to extend the life of a surface this is achieved by excluding moisture and grime.  Sealers are used to prevent the staining of a surface, to make aesthetically pleasing, Gloss, Penetrating, semi Gloss all extend the life of a substrate.

Easily applied by spray, brush, roller. Available now as waterborne.

The advantages of Tile & Grout Cleaners are: They’re designed to be part of the perfect routine or heavy-duty cleaning solution for any natural stone, tile or grout surface. Most cleaners are designed to break down quickly in the environment.