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Sealers & Cleaners

Sealers are products formulated to seal surfaces, to protect from staining, terracotta, concrete, natural stone. To make aesthetically pleasing and to extend the life of a surface this is achieved by excluding moisture and grime.  Sealers are used to prevent the staining of a surface, to make aesthetically pleasing, Gloss, Penetrating, semi Gloss all extend the life of a substrate.

Easily applied by spray, brush, roller. Available now as waterborne.

The advantages of Tile & Grout Cleaners are: They’re designed to be part of the perfect routine or heavy-duty cleaning solution for any natural stone, tile or grout surface. Most cleaners are designed to break down quickly in the environment.

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3 Pack Silicone Applicators

Radius 4mm - 14mm

Price$ 31.50
GST incl$ 2.86

Builders Clean

A special product from the LITHOFIN-Range for natural and manufactured stone ...

Price$ 35.00
GST incl$ 3.18

Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner

Aqua Mix® Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner is a super-concentrated routine ...

Price$ 24.80
GST incl$ 2.25
Sizes Available

Easy Care

Lithofin MN Easy-Care is a high-yielding cleaning and maintenance concentrate, ...

Price$ 42.35
GST incl$ 3.85


A premium, no-sheen, enhancing sealer for stone, 100% polymer-solid with ...

Price$ 97.00
GST incl$ 8.82
Sizes Available

Grout & Tile Sealer Quick Drying

Provides superior protection to the toughest porous surfaces such as sandstone, ...

Price$ 19.95
GST incl$ 1.81
Sizes Available

Grout Haze Clean Up - 473ml

Grout Haze Clean-Up is a safe and effective concentrated cleaner that is added ...

Price$ 24.00
GST incl$ 2.18

Grout Sealer

Aqua Mix® Grout Sealer is an easy to use premium, no sheen, natural look, ...

Price$ 22.50
GST incl$ 2.05
Sizes Available

High Gloss Sealer - 946ml

High Gloss Sealer is a specially formulated water-based blend of acrylic ...

Price$ 63.00
GST incl$ 5.73

Hydroban Fillet & Sealant x 20

HYDRO BAN® Fillet & Sealant is a one component, fast curing, hybrid elastomeric ...

Price$ 315.00
GST incl$ 28.64

Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Highly absorbent microfibre cleaning cloths. Ideal for everyday cleaning and ...

Price$ 2.75
GST incl$ 0.25

Microfibre Replacement Pad

Replacement microfibre pad for the Sealer Applicator.

Price$ 14.00
GST incl$ 1.27

Pro Caulking Gun

The caulking gun fits 300ml cartridges of silicone, acrylic, timber adhesive ...

Price$ 15.00
GST incl$ 1.36

Seal & Finish Low Sheen

Seal & Finish Low Sheen Sealer is specially formulated using a blend of ...

Price$ 50.00
GST incl$ 4.55
Sizes Available

Sealant Remover

A ready-to-use and fast-working spray based on terpenes for removing hardened ...

Price$ 20.00
GST incl$ 1.82

Sealers Choice Gold

Sealer’s Choice® Gold – Rapid Cure is a premium grade, high performance ...

Price$ 78.00
GST incl$ 7.09
Sizes Available

Silicone Spray

Transparent spray with lubricating and anti-adhesive characteristics based on ...

Price$ 11.00
GST incl$ 1.00

Silicone Universal 125ml

Universal Silicone is a high quality, elastic, 1-component sealant based on ...

Price$ 7.95
GST incl$ 0.72

Simseal Silcone

SS100 100% Neutral Sanitary Sealant is a one part, 100% oxime, neutral curing ...

Price$ 8.40
GST incl$ 0.76
Colours Available

Smoothing Liquid

Finishing and smoothing of joints before skin formation.

Price$ 10.15
GST incl$ 0.92
Sizes Available

Stone Enhancer - 3.8 Litres

Stone Enhancer is an economical, no-sheen, enhanced-look, penetrating sealer ...

Price$ 336.00
GST incl$ 30.55

Swivelling Nozzles x 5

The Soudal Swivelling Nozzles are equipped with a part you can twist so it is ...

Price$ 9.95
GST incl$ 0.90

Tradesman Caulking Gun

Holds 310ml tubes.

Price$ 28.65
GST incl$ 2.60

Poultice Stain Remover - 340g

A dual purpose, non-acidic stain remover. It is an absorptive clay that is ...

Price$ 28.75
GST incl$ 2.61
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