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Phone:  +61 7 3801 8805

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Silicone is polymers. Silicones are used in sealants.

Silicones are key to the construction and renovation of commercial and cottage – from glass-walled highrise to boost energy-efficient architecture. At home, silicone sealants and caulks are used to prevent damage from moisture and bacteria build-up.

The silicone should be high quality, ideally at least "food grade."  The higher the quality, the lower the possibility of leaching chemicals this leaching will cause stains, especially to marble.

Old Stonemasons Ramblings: Joint finishing solutions what a game changer! These are sprayed over the rough silicone bead ( NOT BEFORE ) then tooled with a silicone tool/paddle pop stick. The unwanted silicone is removed from the joint in one smooth action. Before this product stonemasons and tilers would use a diluted (Watered down) solution of dishwashing liquid and water. This enhanced the ability of mould to grow on the silicone joint in wet areas. What was happening, dishwashing liquids contain citric acid which attacks the surface of the silicone leaving minute caves in the silicone. After a few weeks/months the mould would grow in these very minute flower pots.

3 Pack Silicone Applicators

Radius 4mm - 14mm

Price$ 31.50
GST incl$ 2.86

Hydroban Fillet & Sealant x 20

HYDRO BAN® Fillet & Sealant is a one component, fast ...

Price$ 374.00
GST incl$ 34.00

Litosil Colour

Universal highly elastic acentic sealant for durable and ...

Price$ 18.85
GST incl$ 1.71
Colours Available
Price$ 48.75
GST incl$ 4.43

Pro Caulking Gun

The caulking gun fits 300ml cartridges of silicone, ...

Price$ 15.00
GST incl$ 1.36

Sealant Remover

A ready-to-use and fast-working spray based on terpenes for ...

Price$ 26.50
GST incl$ 2.41

Silicone Spatula Kit

Includes 7 x professional spatulas for a perfect smoothing ...

Price$ 17.00
GST incl$ 1.55

Silicone Spray

Transparent spray with lubricating and anti-adhesive ...

Price$ 11.85
GST incl$ 1.08

Smoothing Liquid

Finishing and smoothing of joints before skin formation.

Price$ 13.95
GST incl$ 1.27
Sizes Available

Soudal Surface Activator

Surface Activator is a degreaser and adhesion promoter. ...

Price$ 36.40
GST incl$ 3.31

Swivelling Nozzles x 5

The Soudal Swivelling Nozzles are equipped with a part you ...

Price$ 11.95
GST incl$ 1.09

Tradesman Caulking Gun

Holds 310ml tubes.

Price$ 30.95
GST incl$ 2.81
Price$ 9.50
GST incl$ 0.86

Silicone Multi Tool

Easy to use universal scraper to remove old sealant joints. ...

Price$ 11.40
GST incl$ 1.04

Joint Smoothing Tool

Flexible smoothing tool made from a specific plastic for ...

Price$ 10.20
GST incl$ 0.93

Soudal All Purpose

A high quality, flexible, neutral cure silicone suitable ...

Price$ 9.30
GST incl$ 0.85
Colours Available

GSA Pro Seal 500 Silicone

GSA Proseal 500 is a one part, 100% oxime, neutral curing ...

Price$ 9.40
GST incl$ 0.85
Colours Available

Silicone Applicator Multi Pack

To generate 16 kinds of silicone joints. Expansion Joints, ...

Price$ 5.95
GST incl$ 0.54

Fibreglass Caulking Gun

Finish off any sealing projects with precision and accuracy ...

Price$ 11.50
GST incl$ 1.05

Heavy Duty Sausage Gun

A powerful heavy duty, trade quality sausage. Comes with ...

Price$ 74.00
GST incl$ 6.73

175mm Long Silicone Nozzles

5 Pack Soudal Extra Long nozzles are 175mm long and allow ...

Price$ 15.00
GST incl$ 1.36

Silicone 45° Connector

5 Pack Soudal 45º nozzles screw on first to the cartridge ...

Price$ 15.00
GST incl$ 1.36
Price$ 6.45
GST incl$ 0.59

Silicone Remover

Dual action silicone remover allowing push or pull action.

Price$ 19.20
GST incl$ 1.75
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