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Unit 14/38 Eastern Service Rd, Stapylton, Qld, 4207

Phone:  +61 7 3801 8805

Mobile:  +61 487 100 005


Tiling AdhesivesTile Adhesives, Tiling Adhesive, Tile Glue, Tiling Glue, Cement Based Adhesive, Rubber Modified Glue, Powered Polymer Adhesive are all names used to describe Tile Adhesive.  

T&TS carry a comprehensive range of floor and wall tile adhesives, from convenient ready for use products to powder-based adhesives designed specifically for use with large format tile, clay biscuit tiles, porcelain tiles or natural stone installations.

The Old Stonemason's Ramblings: when choosing adhesive for your Tiling project:

  • What kind of surface are you tiling?
  • What are your tiles made of, and how large are they?
  • What kind of area are you tiling? This could include things like wet areas, Patios, Verandas, or carports.
  • All tiling adhesives set faster in summer and slower in winter.
  • Always after mixing, let stand and remix after 10 minutes.

These are all important questions to know the answers to or when buying your adhesives. Most failed Ceramic Tiling work is almost inevitably a laying problem, and the most common is due to the use of the wrong adhesive.

A lot of customers in a way cause their own grief because they insist on the cheapest quote and then complain when a tiler uses the cheapest adhesive. Our advice is to use the best adhesive you can. It is only a small cost in the entire job, but it could end in failure. Spend the extra $s a bag and sleep at night knowing yours is sound.

All Adhesive Manufacturers are happy to advise on adhesive, primer, grouts, additives.

We have many brands of adhesives available and each brand produces several different adhesives some of which are designed for specific tiles or specific surfaces.

Check with your Licensed Tiler for the best adhesive for your specific project.