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Tile lasers are essential for ensuring that the first tile that you lay down is set correctly.

Tile lasers make it easy to improve the visibility and accuracy of your tiling and also removes the necessity of having to use chalk or string lines when you are installing flooring.

The way tile lasers work is that they will produce a clear laser line that becomes immediately visible on work surfaces and in front of the tool itself 

Some lasers are capable of switching to 45-degree lines to ensure that square tiles are properly and exactly positioned between 0 and 90°.

  • Will project a 90-degree laser lines for squaring
  • The laser lines will be projected in front of the laser base so that it is simple to centre over point and make precise adjustments
  • Employs clear and bright laser lines
  • Designed to be dust & waterproof for extended durability (IP54 certified)
  • A magnet allows a secure attachment on positioning plates and other types of ferrous metal surfaces

Whether you are looking to install a new surface like hardwood flooring, brick, carpet, stone or tile, a tiling laser level can help you do so accurately without the annoyance of messy chalk lines.

Old Stonemasons Ramblings: Tilers & Trade Shop were among the 1st to sell Tiling Lasers as an important tool to tilers in QLD. Modern technology has caught up with a laser, replacing the red beam with a better stronger green beam.



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Metsys ML2PG Line and Dot Laser (Green)

360˚ Horizontal and Horizontal/Vertical Point line laser.

Price$ 437.80
GST incl$ 39.80

Metsys ML360G (Green)

Multi line 3D laser 3 X 360˚ laser lines

Price$ 643.50
GST incl$ 58.50

Metsys ML360G Multi Line 3D Laser

Metsys 360 degree line laser green beam 3x 360 beams Pro kit. Includes a LS1G ...

Price$ 753.50
GST incl$ 68.50

Imex LX3DG

The Imex LX3DG is a line laser with everything! With 3-360° lines with an ...

Price$ 862.00
GST incl$ 78.36

Powerline X2G

The Powerline X2G is a self-levelling, green-beam crossline laser that features ...

Price$ 395.00
GST incl$ 35.91

General XL1

The General XL1 is a self levelling, red-beam multi‑line laser that is capable ...

Price$ 230.00
GST incl$ 20.91

Powerline XL2G

The Powerline XL2G is a self-levelling, green-beam multi‑line laser capable of ...

Price$ 770.00
GST incl$ 70.00

Imex Mini L2G Laser

The new L2G Mini for all indoor tasks. In high visibility green beams and ...

Price$ 165.00
GST incl$ 15.00

Imex Green Line Laser Receiver

With the LDG1 the working range of the laser can be increased to around 55m.

Price$ 165.00
GST incl$ 15.00