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What's the difference between a float and a trowel?

A float has a thicker base than a trowel and is usually made of plastic, sponge, rubber, wood or magnesium.

There are two types of scrapers used in tiling

  • Floor scraper (to remove all remnants of the previous messy trade from the substrate)
  • Small adhesive notched scrapers, for tight corners.

Old Stonemasons Ramblings: Wood float finished floor is the 100% prefered finish for tiling. Do you know the difference between a splash trowel and a gauging trowel and why were they invented?? In the old days, a splash trowel was used 1st to apply very wet sand and cement with a splashing action from a bucket over wire netting. Then a gauging trowel was used to measure the amount of Lime, Cement, Sand and mix the Stonemason mud to apply the tile over the chicken mesh. To apply the mud to the back of the soaked tile, either type of trowel was used.


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Price$ 15.00
GST incl$ 1.36
Price$ 25.60
GST incl$ 2.33

Big Blade Stripper Knife with 5 Spare Blades

Ideal for removing glue, wallpaper, other adhesives & tough cleaning jobs from ...

Price$ 12.85
GST incl$ 1.17

Builders Edge Internal Corner Plaster Tool

A disposable plastic joint knife perfectly designed for Do It Yourself as well ...

Price$ 3.95
GST incl$ 0.36

DTA Bucket Scoop

165mm Stainless Steel. Ideal for tile adhesive, grout and render.

Price$ 14.50
GST incl$ 1.32

Gauging Trowel (Green Handle) - Amark Group

A market leading gauging trowel with a soft grip handle, an ‘S’ shank shaft ...

Price$ 17.60
GST incl$ 1.60
Sizes Available

Safety Razor Scraper with Replacement Blades

Professional quality blade knives suited for use in most projects for more ...

Price$ 6.95
GST incl$ 0.63

Scraper Blades - 5 Pack

Professional quality blade knives suited for use in most projects for more ...

Price$ 2.95
GST incl$ 0.27

Scraper Stripper Knife Blades - 5 Pack

Professional quality blade knives suited for use in most projects for more ...

Price$ 8.50
GST incl$ 0.77

Wooden Handle Paint Scraper

Quality flexible stainless steel scraper that is hardwearing, strong & durable ...

Price$ 5.35
GST incl$ 0.49
Sizes Available
Price$ 16.60
GST incl$ 1.51

Steel Float 280 x 120mm

Steel trowel with square ends. Ideal for applying patching compounds and ...

Price$ 29.95
GST incl$ 2.72

Heavy Duty Scraper with 18mm Blade

Reversible blade scrapers with die-cast aluminum heads and reinforced shafts.

Price$ 42.90
GST incl$ 3.90
Sizes Available

100mm Angled Paint Scraper - DTA

For cleaning excess adhesive or plaster from small surfaces before laying tiles.

Price$ 12.95
GST incl$ 1.18

Floor Scrapers - DTA

Effectively cleans excess plaster and adhesives from cement before laying tiles.

Price$ 36.95
GST incl$ 3.36
Sizes Available

200mm Extendable Scraper

Handle extends from 960mm to 1700mm.

Price$ 50.30
GST incl$ 4.57

Stainless Steel Trowel - BAT Trims

A stainless steel notched trowel with soft grip handle and stainless steel ...

Price$ 26.00
GST incl$ 2.36
Sizes Available

Stainless Steel Trowel - Amark Group

A stainless steel notched trowel with a soft grip handle and stainless steel ...

Price$ 25.00
GST incl$ 2.27
Sizes Available

15mm 'U' Notched Trowel - BAT Trims

Polished Steel with comfortable soft grip handle. Mountings fastened with ...

Price$ 19.95
GST incl$ 1.81

Bright Steel Trowel - Amark Group

Ergonomically designed handle for superior comfort and grip and tempered high ...

Price$ 22.85
GST incl$ 2.08
Sizes Available
Price$ 9.95
GST incl$ 0.90

Bright Steel Trowel - DTA

Stainless Steel riveted, die cast aluminum with contoured rubble handle.

Price$ 22.00
GST incl$ 2.00
Sizes Available

Bright Silver Tiger Trowel - DTA

Specially designed notches providing 100% coverage.

Price$ 30.60
GST incl$ 2.78
Price$ 12.50
GST incl$ 1.14
Sizes Available
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