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Durabit Reo is an elastomeric, environmentally friendly membrane designed for both internal and (non-exposed) external application. It cures to form a durable, odourless, impervious, seamless membrane that resists re-emulsifying after it has fully cured even if immersed in water. Does not stain grout or tiles and has excellent resistance to hydrostatic pressure. Being internally reinforced, the need for external reinforcing is eliminated thereby making it easier and quicker to use.

Crystoflex is two part waterproofing membrane comprising of a liquid component of selected polymers, and a powder component of selected cements, fillers and aggregates. When mixed together to form a brushable or rollable slurry, it provides a strong, hydrostatic pressure resistant, flexible waterproofing membrane. Crystoflex was formulated for immersed or ponding situations such as the waterproofing of water tanks and water features but is just as suitable for non-immersed applications such as roofs or undertile waterproofing.


Safety vacuum cleaner class H. Suitable for dry, non-flammable dusts that are harmful to the health and carcinogenic substances incl. asbestos. Ideal to remove mould, restore roofs and walls insulated with mineral wool. Sanding dust from wooden surfaces that have been impregnated with hazardous wood preservatives and from painted surfaces with paint that contains substances such as lead, nickel, cadmium, chromium, zinc chromate, etc.

GSA Proseal 500 is a one part, 100% oxime, neutral curing adhesive / sealant containing anti- fungicide to prevent mould growth. Weathering and UV resistance is excellent. 16 colours available. In store now.

A lightweight Makita Angle Grinder ideal for cutting tiles and stone thanks to the highly durable design and dual protection against dust. Available in 100mm (4") and 125mm (5").

The new L2G Mini for all indoor tasks. In high visibility green beams and standard with an elevating tripod, the L2G is compact, accurate and versatile.