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'Wedge' Levelling System - Box 250

The Wedge has a patented large rounded ergonomic back for ease of use, eliminating the need for tightening tools.
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The Tilers & Trade Shop's Levelling System is a two (2) part system.  The wedge part of the system works by maintaining tiles at an even height until the adhesive sets, thereby ensuring the resulting surface is level and free of lippage as far as practicable.  The clips (sold seperately 500 per bag, and/or 3000 per box), are the other part of the 2-part installation system, engineered to hold in a true plane, align, space, and hold large body procelain tile, marble and stone during the drying process of the adhesive.  The system is used by professionals and DIY to save time, while providing level and consistenly spaced results.


  • One part of a 2-part system to level, aligh, space and hold procelain tile, marble and stone during installation
  • The plastic wedges are designed to be used over and over again
  • Use with part A of 2-part system (not included)
  • Use on tiles and stone up to 20mm thick
  • Anchor design keeps the tile level throughout installation
  • Many tilers and handymen have tested and recommended Tilers & Trade Shops levelling system