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Flexible Sealer Waterproofing - 4ltrs

Flexible Sealer is a premixed one-pack, water based, brush/roller applied, acrylic membrane, which when cured becomes a tough elastic heavy duty UV resistant waterproof membrane.
Price: $ 40.00
GST incl: $ 3.64

A waterproofing membrane applied prior to tiling on wet areas (bathrooms, shower alcoves, laundries) and tiled over or exposed on balconies and roofs.  Apply to properly prepared concrete, cement render, masonry brick/block, screed and building board ie: cement, gypsum, compressed cement sheets.


  • Easy to apply - does not require mixing, application equipment washes clean in water
  • Fully flexible coating that will accommodate extremes in movement
  • Excellent UV light resistance
  • Can be overpainted with water based paints to match surroundings
  • Bridges and seals hair-line cracks

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Product Information Sheet