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Natural Sealer - 1ltr

$20.20 - A clear solvent based sealer that penetrates deep into concrete and masonry surfaces and hydrolyses in the pores and capillaries forming a weather and chemical barrier without changing appearance.

Apply to concrete, bricks, stone, porous unglazed tiles and masonry surfaces to preserve its original appearance.


  • Quick acting - will repel water in approx 2hrs
  • Long lasting tests have shown years of dependable protection
  • Seals surface from moisture and protects surface from atmospheric chemical attack
  • Will not darken or yellow with age
  • Reduced weather staining - vertical surfaces tend to be self-cleaning
  • May be recoated at any time

Click below to view the Product Information and Material Safety Data Sheets.

Product Information Sheet


Unfortunately this product is a Corrosive Material and cannot be posted through Australia Post.