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Soudal Trade

For all sealing, waterproofing and bonding applications where protection against mould and mildew is required.

Price: $ 7.40
GST incl: $ 0.67
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Multibond SMX35

Multibond SMX35 is a high quality, neutral, elastic, one component adhesive sealant based on SMX Polymer.

Price: $ 11.95
GST incl: $ 1.09

Dripless Caulking Gun

A trade quality strong and durable gun for dispensing all cartridge based products. Featuring Dripless System which reduces mess and product ...

Price: $ 12.00
GST incl: $ 1.09
Price: $ 29.70
GST incl: $ 2.70

500ml Soudal Joint Finish

Soudal Joint Finish is used to smooth and shine joints.

Price: $ 10.15
GST incl: $ 0.92

1ltr Smoothing Liquid

Soudal Finishing Liquid is used for perfect smoothening of all types of joints.

Price: $ 15.20
GST incl: $ 1.38

5 Pack Swivelling Nozzles

The Soudal Swivelling Nozzles are equipped with a part you can twist so it is possible to seal in a corner without moving your sealant gun.

Price: $ 9.95
GST incl: $ 0.90