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1050w Electric Mixing Drill

A professional compact industrial mixer for mixing tile adhesive, glue, paint etc. A reversible drill that is ideal for the tradesman.

Multibond SMX35

Multibond SMX35 is a high quality, neutral, elastic, one component adhesvie sealant based on SMX Polymer.  Multibond SMX35 may be overpainted with water based paints, however due to the large number of paints and varnishes available, we strongly suggest a compativility test before application.


4ltr Flexible Sealer Waterproofing Membrane

A premixed one-pack, water based, brush/roller applied, acrylic membrane, which when cured becomes a tough elastic heavy duty UV resistant waterproof membrane.

Celleni Aluminum Hole Saws

Available now in store is the all new Celleni Aluminum Hole Saws.  40mm, 50mm or 80mm.  

Shower Stop Bead

Shower Stop Bead available in Bright Silver - 10mm x 3m


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