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Polymer Additives

To all of you Tilers out there I have just learned important information from a very well-known and accredited commercial chemist.

The tiling industry has several different types of liquid additives that can be used to modify cement based products like adhesives and grouts these additives fall into several groups where the chemistry is very different for each group.

Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA): these products were used heavily in the tiling industry for years until it was discovered that PVA is acceptable to an action called Hydrolysis, meaning when in contact with water PVA will basically break down.

Styrene Butadiene (SBR), when a compatible SBR is added to a cement based adhesive or grout the end user will notice an improvement in performance but when used in immersed situations such as swimming pools SBR will break down. Also SBR’s are susceptible to biological attacks, so it’s crucial that a preservative is added to prevent this. SBR’s do not perform well in very cold climates.

Styrene Acrylics: this technology is currently the preferred emulsion to be added to cement based products such as tile adhesives and grouts. Styrene Acrylics will improve adhesion, water resistance, flexibility, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.

We are proud to stock and sell all of RLA’s additives and primers, these are based on styrene acrylic technology.


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