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Just 2 Ezy - 15kg

Just 2 Ezy is a premium grade, smooth white cement based tile adhesive. It is ideal for large format tiles and can be used for internal and external wall and floor applications.
Price: $ 42.95
GST incl: $ 3.90

Just 2 Ezy is designed for bonding all types of ceramic, stone and mosaic tiles onto a variety of substrates like concrete, render, rendered brickwork, blockwork, gyprock, plasterboard and fibre cement sheet.  It can be used over rigid fibreglass when used with Uniflex Additive.


  • Can be used for fixing low porosity tiles 
  • It can be used to fix tiles over existing tiles as long as the existing tiles have been coated with RLA Universal Primer
  • Can be used for fixing tiles in fully immersed situations like swimming pools and spas
  • Do not use Just 2 Ezy for moisture sensitive stone, like green marble

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