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A white, polymer modified, flexible, cement based adhesive with non shrink and non slip/slump properties.
Price: $ 23.15
GST incl: $ 2.10

Drymastic is a thick or thin bed adhesive that can be used to fix absorbent and non-absorbent tiles internally and externally on floors and walls to concrete, cement render, screeds, block and brick.  Apply internally to approved building boards (gypsum/cement sheet) and approved waterproofing membranes.


  • C2 - high bond strength, exceeds 1MPa
  • S1 - high deformation, exceeds 2.5mm
  • E - extended open time
  • T - non-slump
  • Exceeds the requirements of AS4992
  • Instant grip and non-slip/slump
  • Cures on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces

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Product Information Sheet