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Kemcrete - 20ltrs

A multipurpose, acrylic primer / bonding / waterproofing agent for concrete, screeds, renders and cement based pre-mixes to masonry surfaces.
Price: $ 146.45
GST incl: $ 13.31
  • Primer - use to bond screeds, renders and concrete toppings to porous concrete, brick, block, etc.  (Do not use as a primer in permanently immersed applications, ie: pools, tanks, etc, use Bonding Slurry)
  • Bonding Slurry - primer for immersed applications
  • Mortar Additive - used to make waterproof renders, floor toppings, graded screeds, renders and patching compounds
  • Kemgrip Additive - improves bond strength and water resistance of Kemgrip ceramic tile adhesives

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